This year at Southern Swing Challenge we are providing a special musical treat! We have a stacked lineup of players you’ve likely heard before in addition to a few talented local faces!

Friday Main Dance…The Falty Experience
Friday Late Night…Moonshine Rhythm Club
Saturday Main Dance…The Michael Gamble Quintet
Saturday Late Night…Moonshine Rhythm Club
Sunday Night…Sunday Jam Band

Main dance music

We are bringing together 5 incredible musicians and friends to the Lindy Hop community to perform 2 nights of incredible swing music for your enjoyment!

Mike Faltesek (Falty) of Baltimore, leads his own band “Falty And The Defects” and plays a bunch of other bands too. When he’s not playing guitar and singing you can find him swinging out all over the globe, spreading the gospel of lindy hop and rhythm to whoever will listen.

Michael Gamble, aka The Gambler, of Asheville NC, is the eponymous leader of Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders, and also the founder and co -organizer of Lindy Focus.

James Posedel, or Posey, is an accomplished pianist in and out of the jazz world. Playing regularly with Michael Gamble and leading a few of his own bands, including “James Louis and his Posey Quintet”. If you’re lucky, you might just catch him playing at the Charlotte Airport during a long layover.

Chloe Feoranzo, of New Orleans, has toured the world with some of the biggest names in jazz, including Pokey LaFarge, The Shotgun Jazz Band, and Postmodern Jukebox. Known for her stellar reed playing, she’ll keep surprising you with her soulful singing and sunny disposition.

Russ Wilson, of Asheville, is on a one-man mission to be the loudest voice in the room; Whether that’s with his drums, his voice, or his attitude. Leader of the Russ Wilson Swingtet, Russ is a regular with The Rhythm Serenaders and the Jonathan Stout Orchestra. You may also know him from Lindy Focus, where he sings a mean Jimmy Rushing tune with the Count Basie Tribute band. #TrustintheRuss

Late night tunes

Moonshine Rhythm Club brings old-school swing and jazz to life with joyful arrangements and energetic playing that even makes vintage music sound like it was written this morning. The boys seek out deep cuts from the 30s and 40s, take their favorite parts from classic big band recordings, and distil them into their signature sound. That sound draws on the guitar-driven, acoustic fire of gypsy jazz, as well as the slow burn and laid-back groove of later artists like Count Basie and Nat “King” Cole. On top of this lays classy and hip vocals with a lighthearted humor.

Sunday jammin’

Make sure to stick around Sunday evening after awards to celebrate and enjoy a southern summer Sunday in style with our traditional Farewell Jam Dance, where any and all musicians are allowed on stage to join in the joy of making Swing Music with friends. This year the ever talented Shannon Lee Watkins will be heading this up!

Shannon is a swing dancer, instructor, choreographer, vocalist, and band leader from San Francisco, CA. Her band, Shannon Lea’s Redwood Rhythm, celebrates the play between dancer and musician and shares jazz standards of the 1930s and 40s with swing dancers around the San Francisco Bay Area. She has experience leading jams at Lindy Focus and Weirdo Weekend and now brings her talents to Southern Swing Challenge.


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