John Holmstrom – Chicago, IL (Head DJ)

John started DJing in 2007 while at the University of Illinois, where he had a small collection of songs he loved.  Since then John has moved back to Chicago and expanded his library to include more songs he loves such as classic songs from Basie, Ellington, Goodman, and anything else that make him want to swing out.  He DJs locally in Chicago and he has DJed for events across the Midwest. John thinks standards are great, slow songs don’t have to be blues, and novelty songs should be novel.  He’s not satisfied until dancers are out of breath and dripping in sweat, but just can’t sit the next song out!

Joanna Lucero – Austin, TX
Shannon Lea Watkins – San Francisco, CA
Gary Grimm – Kirksville, MO
Jonathan Dyer – Chicago, IL
Dan Respsch – Montreal, QC, Canada

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