Southern Swing Challenge is a community-based contest event, promoting the competitive spirit of swing dancing in the South East. Join us for year THREE, June 10-12 2016 in Nashville TN. Stay tuned for all of the exciting changes in store for 2016!

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You may have noticed a change in our dates. While we try our best to be as consistent as possible, things sometimes come up that create the need for a little wiggle room. Our good friends over at All Balboa Weekend encountered a small snag with their venue and normal dates, so after some quick thinking between their team and ours we were able to figure out a date swap for this year. Yes, that means we didn’t lose our minds and schedule our event the same weekend as ABW. It does mean we will be one weekend earlier and they will be one weekend later. We hope you can still join us this year, as we have exciting plans in the works. Adjust those dates to June 10-12 2016 (and don’t forget to check out ABW the weekend after)!

Your SSC Organizers
Jenna, Bethany, Jon

Registration is open!

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